Gay Ninety Ladies Capture Village


A Found Poem, from The Tower, July 1959



Six local ladies

             dressed in beautiful gay

             ninety dresses and hats

made a sensational entry

into Ticonderoga

           last Friday noon


to sell

“Shaver Permit” buttons

to smooth faced gentlemen.  They rode


in a stage coach

kindly loaned by “Frontier Town,”

the popular amusement center

accompanied by a Brahma steer

ridden by a beautiful girl

in western costume and a fine Palamino saddle

horse ridden by a man

also in western costume. 

Swift Eagle,

a real Apache Indian from New Mexico

in full regalia and drum

rode on the stage coach.


These same ladies

together with others

will be selling “Shaver Permit” buttons

on the streets

(of Ticonderoga) until every “Smoothie” has purchased one. 

The net proceeds from the sale

will go to local Committee. 

All unshaven males

are urged

to purchase and display the buttons

to assist these kind ladies

in their efforts to aid

the success of local festivities.



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