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June Cleaver, Now Separated, Has a Date With Buddha


After my reincarnation
I went to the cemetery to brag

laughter doesn’t go over
well at the burial site

I move on, head to the local gin joint
slow dance with a stiff
whisper in his moldy ear
you can’t believe the freedom

my arms melt when I ask them
I order my dreams sunny
-side up, the monsters come alive
in shades of cream and sugar
(think coffee poured into a clear glass mug)
I am no longer afraid.

Well, the man I chose to dance with
that old stiff, he gets a little jealous
smashes my dream with the rubber mallet
he keeps in his pick-up truck.

It was just a dream.

Mother always told me just turn
your pillow over
to the good dream side.
There was this one night when I turned my face
to the good side. That was the night I felt
the air leave my lungs in one slow swell.

Here I am today,
come back as a dragonfly
or is it a moth?
Either way, please don’t touch my wings.

time for something new


And What Is Sexy About an Explosion You Weren’t Expecting?


Until the eruption of AD 79, the people of Pompeii did not know Mount Vesuvius was a volcano.
– “Pompeii: A Lost City”, Sally Odgers


Inch by inch
blue veins explore
your surface.
Imagine the kitten
beneath the old tom.
It is like this with love
ugly love rears
ugly legs splayed
all over someplace
they shouldn’t be.
Shouldn’t be, this love.
Picture nubile–
can you see the vowels
exploding like hot lava
from a volcano
the villagers didn’t even know
was lurking
just beneath the surface
while they ate their pea-
cock roasted with live
birds inside? The fluttering
started one young woman choking.
She writes you from her ash bed
deep below the road you walk today.