Good things happen when you’re not _________


…insert verb here.  I wasn’t looking/thinking/paying attention when out of the blue, my pal Jo asked, very quietly, if Carolee and I would like to be editors on her beautiful, gorgeous literary journal ouroboros review.  I expected fanfare!  Loud trumpets!  An Ed McMann look-alike at the door with balloons and flowers!

This is a dream come true.  Very much like when I stumbled on the building for rent that would eventually become my art studio.  I had always daydreamed about opening a children’s art gallery.  Then it just happened.  Well, I have always daydreamed about being an editor of a literary journal.  I have been bugging Carolee for years to start one with me. 

The DetailsChristine Swint, the other founder (along with Jo) of ouroboros, is heading back to school for her MFA (lucky, lucky!).  This led to her very tough decision to step down from editing the journal.  Life changes, timing, instant karma…Jo had a need for some assistance and the rest is…well, not history, but (hopefully) a beautiful future!

Please check out the current (and past) issues of ouroboros.  It’s gorgeous!

PS: Ironically, I just realized, we are, all three of us…suburban mothers.  But we are so much more!


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  2. suburban mothers run the world, say I!

    I’m so so so happy you guys are in on this. It feels just right *grin*. We’ll have a blast.


  3. Carolee, I’m a former hillbilly. I’m pretty sure it runs in my veins…and by the way, I just told Jude “hillbilly” is not a nice word…

    Yay, Jo! Moms (suburban & otherwise) rule the world!

  4. You know the old proverb, “if you want something done, give it to a suburban mother.”

    Especially editing poetry. What you want is someone used to inducing immature, irrational, infinitely self-willed persons into doing things that are good for them, by a judicious mixture of cajoling, intimidation, and distraction. My money’s on the Moms, every time.

    So glad you two were willing to step up! That’s wonderful.

  5. Dale, your definition of what mothers do should be on a t-shirt. Or a bumper sticker. I’ve been a little heavy on the intimidation of late, so I hope I don’t get the reputation of “bad editor,” you know, like good cop, bad cop?

  6. I don’t know, to judge by the pics up at Spindrift you’re cast as the good cop. Carolee looks like she’s going to send us to bed without our dinners 🙂

  7. i won’t play if i don’t get to be bad cop. 🙂

    i’ll take my badge and baton and go home. 🙂

    dale — davin agrees. he always says i have mean eyes in the pictures. and he knows about my mean eyes!

  8. (but it’s only b/c i don’t know how to play good cop. there was a situation recently in which i needed a lady at an office to send me some paperwork. and she wasn’t doing it. and i was trying. i said to my husband, “it won’t do me any good to be a b**** b/c then i won’t get what i want anyway.” and he tried so say, “you could always attempt to be overly sweet.” he couldn’t even get the sentence out of his mouth, let alone do it with a straight face.

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