Spreading My Writing Wings


I am oh so proud to say I have two new pieces of writing (an interview & a review) in a glorious new online journal: Poets’ Quarterly. Editor Lori A. May has done a fabulous job with this inaugural issue. Please check it out! Don’t miss the two reviews by my best poetry pal and partner-in-crime Carolee Sherwood!

Interviewing poet Kara Candito was so much fun! I can’t wait for my next poet interview. In the meantime, I’m working on an interview with novelist Vince Zandri–he’s the man–so I’m a little nervous about getting this one just right! So, what would you want to ask a novelist/punk rocker/travel writer?

I interviewed Vince ages ago, when he was a first-timer and I was a starry-eyed kid with a graduate degree and no paying job in sight (I got paid for my book reviews in the best currency going–free books!) Now he has more writing credits & novels than I can keep track of and I’m still starry-eyed.

I love this writing life!

Oh, yeah!  Some more good news!  I have a poem forthcoming in the new issue of Wicked Alice!


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