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It has been way too long since I wrote a poem.  Even longer since I posted to my blog, poor thing.  With summer coming on, and with it summer vacation (ie: kids home all day every day!), Carolee and I have enrolled in Poetry Boot Camp.  Well, we run the place, …wait, what’s that? A whining 5-year-old?  Ah, the sounds of summer.

Anyway, I pledge a poem a day all summer long.  Well, except for Friday which is edit & submit day.  If I don’t, please come to my house and use any means necessary to elicit a poem.

First poem, inspired by the wordle over at Big Tent Poetry!  Yay!  A poem!  And what an interesting list of words: resent, praise, hungry, milk, dull, cough, dangerous, part, stars, dark and comfort. I’ve been working with some revisionary myth-making lately, and Red Riding Hood seems to keep popping her hooded-head in…


Little Red Riding Hood Discusses Her Costume

It wasn’t the warmth of Grandmother’s bosom
that sent me alone into the forest,
but the stars’ dark comfort.

This is the part of the story they keep from children:

Not how I threw caution to the wind
… I put my trust in a hungry foe
……….how the rattle of a sly cough
could sound so much like a song I’d heard before.

But how I grew to resent my own dull milk
… I was not a foolish girl, but a lonely woman seeking praise
……….how I left home and hearth for the handsome woodcutter
carried a basket filled with oysters and wine, truffles dug by hand,

the cape and hood being nothing more than a clever disguise.


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  1. a blog post by jill! a blog post by jill!


    and playing around with blog design, too, eh? mmmmmm. the happy sounds of your return.

    you did a great job with these words, of course! my favorite line is: “how I was not a foolish girl, but a lonely woman seeking praise”

    make sure you put a link to this up at big tent today. 🙂

  2. Ahhh.

    A Jill poem again!

    These are my favorite lines:

    “how the rattle of a sly cough
    could sound so much like a song I’d heard before.”

    Thank you, Jill.

  3. Good luck with your draft-a-day. I’m just about finished with a two week stretch of drafting one a day, and I admire you for taking on the whole summer! Thanks for sharing this draft. I love new takes on old myths.

  4. I’m doing a happy dance to go along with getting to read your poetry again!! Yippee!!

    AND I like the face lift — it’s fun to redecorate the ol’ blog, isn’t it!?

    AND I love when you are working with Ms. L. R. R. Hood.

    It’s a fabulous poem, taking the character in new, surprising places that make so much sense.

    AND I can’t pick one phrase or line I love more than the others.


  5. I do enjoy an updated, slanted fairy tale. I agree with Deb: every line is brilliant. But i especially ove those grown-up images of her carrying oysters, truffles, wine. Here’s to the little Red Riding Hood in all of us.

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