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Body Poem #6 (You knew the cats were coming, right?)


IMG_0397The Wife Breaks Her Appointment at the Day Spa


The black cat shadows me.
Of my own free will, I watch
the breath lift his fur, replace.

I draw a ragged breath
imagine legions of black hairs
stroking my lungs.

He sleeps with his head
soft world
on my wrist–gentle restraint. Who is waving?

I curse my dense bones
dream my diaphragm a knife
thrusting claws through my fingertips.

The air hums with his sleep (little death)
my ribs ache from vibration
fluttering inside. We are wreathed in birds.

A sparrow knocks
against the window (one gold eye open)
it’s feathers stick to my tongue

like snowflakes, melt into breakfast.


Notes:  This is not nearly as dark as I would prefer.  Much like the kitten picture doesn’t reflect his size today.  I think the title is wrong.  Definitely a first draft.


Good things happen when you’re not _________


…insert verb here.  I wasn’t looking/thinking/paying attention when out of the blue, my pal Jo asked, very quietly, if Carolee and I would like to be editors on her beautiful, gorgeous literary journal ouroboros review.  I expected fanfare!  Loud trumpets!  An Ed McMann look-alike at the door with balloons and flowers!

This is a dream come true.  Very much like when I stumbled on the building for rent that would eventually become my art studio.  I had always daydreamed about opening a children’s art gallery.  Then it just happened.  Well, I have always daydreamed about being an editor of a literary journal.  I have been bugging Carolee for years to start one with me. 

The DetailsChristine Swint, the other founder (along with Jo) of ouroboros, is heading back to school for her MFA (lucky, lucky!).  This led to her very tough decision to step down from editing the journal.  Life changes, timing, instant karma…Jo had a need for some assistance and the rest is…well, not history, but (hopefully) a beautiful future!

Please check out the current (and past) issues of ouroboros.  It’s gorgeous!

PS: Ironically, I just realized, we are, all three of us…suburban mothers.  But we are so much more!