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napowrimo number six


Fletcher Allen Hospital: In the Heart Wing


We wander floor to floor, idle guests
invisible to doctors and nurses
because we do not gasp or bleed.

For fun I dare you to fall
on the polished floor, gasp and bleed.

In the chaos, a ghost,
my father rapping
on my bedroom door
interrupting a pajama party séance.
Gasping, moaning,
pretending to be a dead man.


Though there are plenty of prompts available for my NaPoWriMo pleasure, this year, as it has happened for the past two springs, my father is in the hospital.  Two years ago around this time, he spent nearly a month in the hospital and even longer recovering from aneuryism surgery.  That’s when I began the “Hospital Diaries.”  This year, it is his heart and his lungs, and though I didn’t expect them, the poems have been coming.


Urban Legend


Eggshells patter on the window
yolk nails itself to the skillet
begs for your forgiveness.

This is the hour of your decay
slick yellow sunshine like a miscarriage
crowning a morning already hot

with what might have been
were it not for last night’s hacksaw moon
the man with the chipped nails

and whiskey tongue. He always finds you
when you run. Take off your shoes
leap with frog-grace, nails not making a sound

on the cracked sidewalk. That path is its
own cement, parading past clapboard and gardens
tripping all the girls trying to find the keys to home.

Was it you who muttered in a frosted panic
spit slipping from your young tongue (no whiskey
for you) This is all fiction. My house is made of candy.

There is a pair of red stockings in the footlocker
at the back of the garage. If you knew how to drive
you could pull the car out, slip your legs into the fire.



This poem was written using the wordle prompt at Read Write Poem this week.  It was one of those poems that practically wrote itself.