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30/30 Project Day Six: For the Birds


barred-owlI might have known the birds would make their way into the project.  This morning, the hawk that has been following me for the past year swooped in front of my truck on my way to work. Then, while I was {supposed} to be watching the children during recess, a woodpecker lured me away (no children were abandoned in the gathering of material for this poem).  The project for art class today?  Button owls.  And my daughter at dinner?  Crazy as a loon.

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Mary Dreams of Flying

Easy as the window, the roof, the neat leap.
Mary walks a tightrope and the owl follows,
spreads his raggedy wings,
pins himself to the front of her dress.
Hello, old friend, says the mouse in his mouth.

St. Mary of the Circus.
Blessed Mother of Swords and Swallows.

It is not true what the other women say.
The mothers in little black dresses
will not eat their young
if Mary touches their babies.

Oh lonesome bird.
Oh molting wren.
Someone must eat the children,
someone the poison berries.

Behind her home, a forest of standing dead,
a single woodpecker, his steady thrum.

To have faith in the hole,
in the nest deep inside,
to hear the predator’s persistent knock,
never see his royal crown.